We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying inflatable pontoon boats and catamarans made of PVC. Our pontoon boats have big rigid deck and special pontoon shape. This shape gives speed and improve stability of a boat. Pontoons made of high-quality PVC HeyTex Germany. This PVC is usually protected from UV rays, salt water, oil etc. Seams are covered with overlay and have additional protection is given by PVC tape over the seam (inside pontoon).

Inflatable pontoon boats

Masterkat pontoon boats lineup includes boats of different size from 3.5 to 7 meters long which can reach up to 2500 kg weight capacity. You can make a waterhouse by setting up tent on big models of pontoon boats (K-53 and bigger ones). Inflatable edges protect your equipment from dropping into the water and can be used as a seat. All pontoon boats easily fit in a regular car (for example Opel Zafira).

The frame allows using outboard motor up to 10hp. Thus, boat speed will be 15-20 km/h. Original frame construction and special mounts for frame on pontoons makes assembly process easy and quick. Masterkat big pontoon boats assembly process requires only one person.

Pontoon boats are very suitable for fishing.  Spacious rigid deck fits a few fishers with spinning rods without any discomfort. High stability allows several fishers to stay on the one edge avoiding lurch. You can place a camping table and camping seats for comfortable fishing. 

Custom inflatable tubes and pontoons

We produce inflatable floating tubes with custom shape, diameter and length. Our manufacturing process allow us to produce and realize one pontoon at wholesale price. We give you the opportunity to construct your own boat with our inflatable pontoons:

  • 4 most commonly used pontoon shapes
  • Custom number of air chambers
  • 3 types of mounts for frame: grommet strip, frame holder and frame holder with tube
  • Custom frame mounts placement
  • High quality PVC (HeyTex Germany) 
  • All our pontoons, which are bigger than 30cm in diameter, include base rubber strip protector along all the bottom seam.
  • Additional rubber strip protection
  • Custom PVC density (700 to 1100 g/m) 

Removable inflatable edges for rigid boats

Our inflatable tubes can be used as inflatable edges for aluminum and plastic boats. This edges increase stability and weight capacity of a boat. Moreover, inflatable edges promote security for passengers. You can protect your boat from turning upside down with the inflatable edges.

All our inflatable edges are made with high-quality PVC material. We keep the standard for inflatable boat’s air valves, rigid cones and other equipment. 

Rafting catamarans & catarafts

We produce inflatable rafting catamarans for rivers and whitewater. Frame is held on pontoons by grommet strip. This means strong and safety mount. Our pontoons suits with any custom frame with constructions like ours. In addition, you can make frame from wood. 

We make strengthening by rubber strip along bottom seam of pontoons. It protects them from sharp stones at a river bottom and any damage while beaching. Pontoon shape provides best speed features for catamaran. 

It is wells known that catamaran hard to use in windy weather. The best way to solve this problem is to use outboard motor if there are lakes on your route. You can use outboard motor up to 10hp with transom to overcome huge water areas.