Frame for pontoons boats


Frame for our pontoon boats represented by double beam with plywood plates. Count of plates define count of pontoons. So catamaran frames beam has two plywood plates, trimaran – three plates etc. This unification provide an option of transforming catamaran’s beam to trimarans beam. Beams can differs by length. We not recommend to use frame with more than 1m length per pontoon – 2m for catamaran and 3m for trimaran.

Main material of the frame beam is aluminum square tube 40x40mm with 1.5 thickness (Alloy grade at least 6063-T6 or stronger). Using smaller tube or softer alloy is dangerous.

Recommended pontoons boat sizes

Boat designMax boat length
(pontoons length)
Max boat width
(frame's beams length)
Diameter 50cm
2 pontoons530cm200cm
3 pontoons600cm260cm
4 pontoons600cm300cm
Diameter 60cm
2 pontoons600cm200cm
3 pontoons700cm300cm
4 pontoons800cm300cm

Three steps for making frame beam

Catamarans frame specification

Because of shipping length limitation we cannot send fully frame and it is too expensive. Therefor we offer only parts for frame that not easy to make by yourself – plywood plates, belts, transom parts etc. For building frame with our parts, you should to buy square aluminum tube, saw tubes into desired lengths and fix plywood plates with rivets. Position of plates you can see below on pictures.

Frame mounts on pontoon with two nylon belts that turns around plywood plate on the frame beam. Beams plates tightly pressed to pontoon after it pumped to working air pressure.

Transom specification

Transom for outboard motor is made of two aluminum square tubes like a frame, two consoles, two clamps and belts, transom plate and transom board. As well as in the frame we cannot send aluminum tubes. All other parts included in the parts for frame. 

If you want to use outboard motor more than 10 h.p. we recommend to use steel transom consoles and tubes. Aluminum tubes and our consoles not designed for this and bends after fully accelerate.