We can ship pontoons all over the world with EMS post service. EMS Post uses aviation for delivery so average time of shipping is 10-20 days. Because of EMS size limitations of parcel, we cannot send frame and deck. However, we provide instructions and drawings for making frame and deck by yourself for all customers.

All pontoons has strong package box that protects them while shipping. Max parcel weight is 31 kg. If necessary, we send several parcels with your order.

Estimated one parcel shipping cost:

L700cm D60 20 kg per pontoon
(one pontoon in parcel)
150 USD120 USD
L500cm D50 10 kg per pontoon
(2 pontoons in parcel)
150 USD120 USD
L300cm D30 5 kg per pontoon
(2 pontoons in parcel)
93 USD73 USD


We use two services for payments. You can pay via SWIFT (5-7 business days) or with plastic card (instantly). Plastic card fee is 3.9%. For processing plastic cards we use (

How we work

  1. You send to us your order on email or make order via website on product page (pontoon length, diam, necessary mounts etc)
  2. We contacts you and clarify order and payment details, inform you about manufacture time.
  3. You confirm the order.
  4. We send you a invoice (for SWIFT transfer or for plastic card).
  5. You make prepayment and send us receiver person data and address.
  6. We inform you that we successfully receive payment.
  7. We start manufacturing or send pontoons from our storage.
  8. After sending parcel we inform you track code for watching the parcel.