Inflatable pontoons boat catamaran K-53

693 USD
With basic specification
Basic specification
Inflatable pontoons (2psc) K53 600 USD
Parts for frame and transom
(More information)
93 USD
Additional equipment
Air pump 17 USD
Inflatable edjes 145 USD
Size 2.0x5.3m
Diameter of tubes 50 cm
Weight capacity 650 kg
Weight: Pontoons + frame 50 kg
PVC material Hey Tex 850 gr/m (Germany)
Size in package: pontoons 90x50x30cm
Air chambers 4
Tubes volume 1800 litters

Masterkat K-53 – it is inflatable pontoons boat for comfortable traveling and fishing for 2-4 people. Also it can be used for expedition with a lot of equipment. High weight capacity and spacious rigid deck allows transporting up to 4-5 people with equipment.

Collapsible longitudinal frame beam increase longitudinal stiffness of the boat. Spacious rigid deck with 2x3.15 size allow to passengers to move all over the boat easily. High deck position protects passengers and equipment on board from getting water splashes. Inflatable edges on the deck protect from splashes too and can be used as seats.

Boat pontoons made with high quality PVC HeyTex (Germany) 850g/m. We can change PVC density to 1100 g/m by customer request. Seams made with additional protection PVC tape and bottom of the pontoon protect with rubber strip. Endings of pontoons made with rigid PVC cones like on inflatable boats. These cones protect pontoons when beaching.

As others our boats K-53 has outboard motor collapsible transom for motors up to 10h.p. We recommend using 5h.p. motor it is enough. Our inflatable tubes shape increase direction stability and speed of the boat.

This model of our inflatable pontoons boats places in the middle between bigger boat Masterkat K-60 (6 meters length and 60cm diameter) and smaller boat Masterkat K-47 (4.7m length and 50cm diameter).