Inflatable pontoons boat catamaran K-47

626 USD
With basic specification
Basic specification
Inflatable pontoons (2psc) K47 545 USD
Parts for frame and transom
(More information)
81 USD
Additional equipment
Air pump 17 USD
Inflatable edjes 126 USD
Size 470x200 cm
Deck size 250x200 cm
Diameter of tubes 50 cm
Weight capacity 500 kg
Weight of pontoons 19 kg
Weight of frame + transom 20 kg
PVC material Hey Tex 850 gr/m (Germany)
Size in package: pontoons 90x40x40
Air chambers 2 in each pontoon
Tubes volume 1500 litters

Inflatable pontoons boat Masterkat-47 – is the best expedition and fishing boat for 2-3 people. Weight capacity, size and boat weight ratio made the boat very comfortable for fishing and camping 1-2 weeks long.

Packaged pontoons boat takes up little space and easy fit into any car. High assembly speed allows you not pause at start. Assemble boat, load equipment on board and sail from the coast within 1-2 hours. 

Rigid deck makes boat more comfortable for long sails and fishing – you can seat in your comfortable armchair like in the camp. High position of deck prevent getting water splashes. Gaps between deck sections help to drain water.

Inflatable pontoons boat can be outfit with transom for outboard motor up to 10 h.p. Speed of the boat reaches 20 km/h with mercury 5h.p. With this boat, you can use short shaft motor. Transom can be set in several height position. You always can change transom position to low if your motor catches an air when windy weather.

Inflatable tubes protects on bottom with 6cm tape of rubber strip. Endings of tubes made with rigid PVC. All of this increase safety and allow you beaching on the rocks. Boat’s tubes has two air chambers. Tubes shape has pretty look and increase boat speed and direction stability.

Part Count
Plywood plates 8 pcs
Nylon belts 1m length with bracket 16 pcs
Rivets 80 pcs
Aluminum square tubes L200cm
min. size – 40x40mm, 1.5mm wall thickness, alloy 6063-T6
!!! Tubes are not included. You should to get it by yourself !!!
8 pcs

K-47 inflatable catamaran parts for transom specification:

Part Count
Transom board 20x30x2.7 cm 1 pc
Consoles with bolts 2 pcs
Clamps with bolts 2 pcs
Nylon belts (for tubes) 6 pcs
Nylon belts (for transom plate) 4 pcs
Aluminum square tubes L=160cm and L=130cm
min. size – 40x40mm, 1.5mm wall thickness, alloy 6063-T6
!!! Tubes are not included. You should to get it by yourself !!!