Inflatable pontoons boat trimaran T-60

1 080 USD
With basic specification
Basic specification
Inflatable pontoons (3psc) T60 935 USD
Parts for frame and transom
(More information)
145 USD
Additional equipment
Air pump 17 USD
Inflatable edjes 180 USD
Size 6.0x2.0m
Deck size 4.0x2.0m
Diameter of tubes 50 cm
Weight capacity 1000 kg
Weight: Pontoons + frame 68 kg
PVC material Hey Tex 850 gr/m (Germany)
Size in package: pontoons 90x40x40cm (2pcs)
Air chambers 5
Tubes volume 3000 litters

  • Can be placed into regular car (see package size)
  • High weight capacity
  • Spacious rigid deck
  • Convenient frame mounts
  • Pretty looking and efficient shape of pontoons 

Inflatable pontoon boat Masterkat T-60 (Trimaran) is multipurpose collapsible inflatable boat. Due to pontoon boat design, it has high stability and seaworthiness instead of regular inflatable boats. Spacious cockpit and non-slip rigid plywood deck provide comfortable using of the pontoon boat with outboard motor for travelling and camping on big rivers and lakes.

Inflatable tubes hull made with quality PVC material HeyTex (Germany). We use standard boat furniture for tube endings, air valves and frame mounts. Boat’s assembly usually takes one hour with 2-3 peoples, but only one man can easy assemble the boat too. Separate parts max weight are 17kg (tubes). You can use electric air pump to speed up assembling. 

Several air chambers makes boat very safety. It has seven air sections – 4 in edge tubes, 2 in edges on the deck and central tube has one chamber. Bottom of the pontoon boat protect with the rubber strip and tubes endings made with rigid plastic. It allows to beaching on rocky shores.

Masterkat boat hull shape design special for using boat with short shaft outboards. Transom of pontoon boat has simple and strong design. You can change transom high with wide limits. 

We recommend set up transom on minimal high when strong waves (50-60cm with whitewater). You can easy to do this when beaching. If you not do that so outboard motors with short shaft will be catching air.

Rigid deck of pontoons boat made with laminated plywood with anti-slip coating. You can easy move all over the boat and stay on edge without lurch of the boat. Deck is very useful for fishing. Up to 4-5 fishers can be placed on the deck for cast spinning or trolling. In addition you can place on the deck a camping table with fishing equipment.

First version of Masterkat T-60 designed at 2012 year. We update boat at 2015 (new end shape of central tube). Updated trimaran successfully tested. You can see more in our blog.

On photo you can see charged pontoons boat with outboard motor. On the boat places 4 people, dog, inflatable boat 360cm (packaged), second motor, food, petrol and equipment for two weeks – approx. 600-700kg. In windy weather, speed of pontoons boat is 11-13km/h under 5h.p. outboard.

Pontoon boat with tent = waterhouse

You can set up a tent on the deck to sleep and you will have a free space on front and back for fishing. With Masterkat T-60 you can travelling without camp installation on the beach and change places every day.