Straight inflatable edges for rigid boats

Available specification:
Tubes 2m – 2psc
(12 brackets, 6 belts)
134 USD
Tubes 2.5m – 2psc
(16 brackets, 8 belts)
150 USD
Tubes 3m – 2psc
(16 brackets, 8 belts)
160 USD
Tubes 3.5m – 2psc
(20 brackets, 10 belts)
186 USD
Tubes 4m – 2psc
(20 brackets, 10 belts)
186 USD
Air pump 17 USD
PVC matrial HeyTex 700 gr/m (Germany)
Available diameters 20 cm and 30cm

Masterkat straightforward inflatable edge tubes for rigid boats are the simplest way to upgrade your boat features. Edge tubes increase boat stability and weight capacity up to 300kg. Rigid boat with inflatable edges becomes more comfortable because edge tubes protects from water spray. With edge tubes, you can use more powerful outboard motor and increase seaworthiness of the boat.

Straight tubes is not flexible, so you can use it only on the relatively straight part of your boat. If you try to bend tube, it will be wrinkle to the fold. Wrinkle permissible but not recommended. Please, be sure to measure your boat before ordering tubes. Inflatable tubes can stick out on 30-40cm behind the boat.

Inflatable tubes set includes special furniture for mounting tubes on the boat. Tubes mount by belts to brackets on the rigid boat edge. Mounting belt has plastic buckle for quickly mounting and removing. Belts should to round tube twice like on the scheme. Brackets hold on boat’s edge by rivets.