Rafting catamaran K-470

500 USD
With basic specification
Basic specification
Inflatable pontoons (2psc) K470L2
Grommet strip
500 USD
Additional equipment
Inflatable pontoons (2psc) K470L4
Double grommet strip
580 USD
Parts for transom 31 USD
Parts for frame
Nylon strip - 32m, knittings - 10pcs, sticks-10pcs
35 USD
PCV material deck
HeyTex (850gr/m)
70 USD
Air pump 17 USD
Size 2.0x4.7m
Diameter of tubes 50 cm
Weight capacity 500 kg
Weight: Pontoons 20 kg
PVC material Hey Tex 850 gr/m (Germany)
Size in package: pontoons 90x35x35cm
Air chambers 4
Tubes volume 1500 litters

Short inflatable rafting catamaran for 2-4 people. This is the smallest rafting model in our catarafts lineup. This cataraft is smaller, cheaper and more maneuverable than K-530 analog. This catamaran suits for novices and for short expeditions (7-10 days). For long trips we recommended to use bigger models.

This catamaran using with the same frame as K-530. Frame with 375 cm long with PVC flexible deck provide spacious area for equipment. Catamaran weight capacity is 500kg.

Inflatable catamaran has small size in package and cat easily fit into the regular car. One pontoon weight is less than 10kg. Catamaran assembling takes 30-40 minutes. You can fill pontoons quickly with electric air pump and then use standard pump to make a recommended air pressure in pontoons (200-250 mBar). 

As all our boats, pontoons has 2 air chambers, rubber strip protection and rigid PVC endings.

Masterkat K-470 provides of using outboard motor up to 10 h.p. You can use motor for easy beaching at bad windy weather and for overcome lakes. We not recommend use cataraft without motor on big water spaces.