D50cm Inflatable floatig tube/pontoon

Available specification:
(Price per one tube)
Length 4m 160 USD
Length 5m 200 USD
Length 6m 230 USD
Length 7m 270 USD
Additional air chamber 25 USD
Rigid frame holder 5 USD
Tube for frame holder 2 USD
Tape with grommets 7 USD
Additional protection 7 USD
Pontoon shape
Diameter 50cm
Length from 2 to 7m
PVC density 850 gr/m
Basic protection Rubber strip allover the bottom seam (included in price)

Inflatable tubes with 50cm diameters usually used for building medium sized floating platforms. Using of 50cm pontoons is the most suitable solution for building boat for family travels and fishing on the rivers, lakes and seashores. This tubes have an optimal ratio between size in package, weight and volume, price. 

Tubes made with special boats PVC fabric with 850 g/m density. This PVC fabric is quite corresponds with 50cm diameter. But by customer offer we can use 1100 g/m PVC. Bottom seam protected with 60mm width rubber strip. Back and front endings made with rigid PVC and protect tubes from physical damage while beaching. All seams glued with additional PVC tape inside tube, you can see it on technology animation.

Difference between tubes shapes

We produce inflatable tubes with four different shapes. Using of the right shape provide of the best characteristics of your boat.

  • First shape is the most commonly used for motor pontoon boats. Lowered stern of the pontoon gets a course stability to you.
  • Second pontoon shape is better for sailboats or sail catamarans. Another reason of using this shape is longer deck with the same pontoon length. This shape is compromise between first shape and fourth shape.
  • Third shape used rarely for rafting catamarans. 
  • Fourth shape of inflatable tubes lets to make the biggest deck and used for building floating platforms.

Building boat with our pontoons

You can find some technical information about building frame, transom and other boat parts in articles:

Inflatable pontoons features

Length Volume Weight*
3m 500 litters 4 kg
4m 700 litters 5,5 kg
5m 900 litters 7 kg
6m 1100 litters 8,5 kg
7m 1300 litters 10 kg
*Weight of pontoon tube only – without frame mounts and etc.

Completed inflatable pontoons boat kits with D50 tubes

Information for customers
Frame for pontoons boats