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Inflatable pontoon boats are like a family minivan – you just change high-speed aquaplaning with big comfortable boat and you don't need to think about the amount of equipment, its size and weight. Despite boat size, it is fully collapsible and can be placed into a regular car (for example in Opel Zafira). Pontoons place into trunk and frame parts put on the car roof.
Inflatable pontoons boats
One of types of our products is custom inflatable pontoons or floating tubes for building your own boat. We can produce pontoons up to 10 meters long and 60cm in diameter. For our inflatable tubes we use high quality Hey Tex (Germany) PVC 700-1100 g/m (density depends on diameter).
We produce rafting catamarans (catarafts) with seats on tubes. This type of catarafts commonly uses in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and others CIS countries.